A 100$ Standout Logo Design 


I am not going to bore you with what is logo, history, etc. This is a no-fluff article that is naked. If you would like to learn more about it then see what is logo.

Standing logos are the identifiers of some of the best companies in the world, including Google, Nike and Apple. Many common features are shared by these corporate giants. All are straightforward, unforgettable and unaltered.
We recognise them immediately on the sides of buildings, on TV and on billboards at 60 miles an hour through the windows of our car. 

How to make it in a 100$ logo design

In order to design a good logo, several angles must be considered by you. From the overall concept of the logo to the choice of colors for the foreground and background, the type of font and the type of icon or illustration.

These parameters are mostly dependent on the target audience and niche. This forms a mental impression about your product or service in your audience. 

Here are the steps

  1. Prepare a brief about your product or service
  2. Discuss the brief with designer in a initial call
  3. Designer comes up with concepts 
  4. Grade them for Uniqueness, Scalability, Identity and Simplicity
  5. Choose the best design; or go to step 3

The is no rule what brief should contain, here is some pointer ordered by curbing artist freedom

  1. the historical background of the company; problem it solves

  2. a writeup of the goals, aims and ideals of the company

  3. an idea of how the product is manufactured; or process

  4. the type of image the logo should convey

  5. the colors to be used

  6. the idea of the permissible logo concepts

What about the metrics ?


Uniqueness - People shouldn't be like "The company whose logo looks like Apple's". It should be the other way around.

Identity - How closely the logo represents "You". The logo should reflect the Unique Value Proposition very bluntly as possible.

Scalibity - The ability to use the logo in various backgrounds, marketing material like Tees, Cups, etc

This is too much! Simpler Branding!


Use a service

#1) ExpertLogoDesigns 


William Murphy is a genius when it comes to branding and design. The folks @ expertlogodesigns use their creative freedom when given and adhere to guidelines when they have to. They have designed for businesses that started with 0 to 10M+ valuations. 

The best part is their affordable 100$ logo design


#2) Deluxe


If you have budgets exceeding 1000$ then Deluxe maybe worth it. They have a very big team and attend to local references better due to their large team size. They have a logo builder for 40$ but that is useless, just a marketing gimmick.


This article was updated on June 15, 2021